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.. which, approximately seven people read, and refers to my original, less-inspired domain name. Seeing as how this site (and more importantly, this adventure) is a work in progress, I reserve the right to keep moving stuff around. Enjoy!

From Austin, with love,



Departing December 23, 2017

A few months ago, as I lay in bed, trying to suppress another bi-monthly existential crisis, I made a decision. Well, I made two decisions, actually. The first decision was to get out of bed and brush the taste of the previous night's craft beer out of my month. The second decision was a bit more profound and ridiculously irresponsible: I decide to leave my job as a lawyer, break out of the velvet handcuffs that have become my life, and travel the world. I decided to become - ahem - The Lawayer. Get it? "Lawyer." "Away." "LAwayer"??? Come on, stay with me here, people.  

On December 23, 2017, I will embark on a true adventure. Starting in Quito, Ecuador, I will spend the next several months traveling through South America, New Zealand, and maybe some other places along the way and in between. 

Now, you (Mom) may be asking yourself: "Why?" Or (everyone else) more precisely, "Why do I care?" That's a good question. For the first of many answers, see above, i.e., bi-monthly existential crises. The second reason, as famed mountaineer George Mallory replied in 1923 to a New York Times reporter in response to being asked why he was attempting to climb Mt. Everest: "Because it is fucking there." Okay, so I'm paraphrasing Mr. Mallory's words, and I'm certainly not climbing Mt. Everest. But my reasoning is the same: the world is there - or, more precisely, here, right under our feet - and I don't want to die one day having left it unseen and mysterious. To live a life shackled to car payments, bar tabs, billable hours, and pay checks is not a life led, at all. 

Obviously, there are many other reasons to do what I'm doing, and we - that's you and me, beautiful reader - will get to talk all about them along the way. 

So, I hope you'll keep coming back to watch, read, and follow along as I find out why none of this is going to be as easy as it sounds; but, also, hopefully, why it will all be worth it. I'll be writing about and recording my travels along the way, so please subscribe to my RSS feed and follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@thelawayer).

From Austin, with Love, 

The Lawayer